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Executive Chef Alexis is featured on SHOUTOUT LA
Executive Chef Alexis is featured on Voyage LA
Executive Chef Alexis is featured on SHOUTOUT LA

Raised in Los Angeles, So Divine Catering's executive chef and owner Alexis Kemp has always been a foodie. As a child, she was entranced by cooking shows on television, religiously upkeeping her recipe book and trying out new and innovative ideas.

During her high school years, Kemp went on to participate in cooking competitions through C-CAP (Careers through Culinary Arts Program), earning a scholarship to Johnson and Wales University in Miami where she delved deep into cooking techniques and was introduced to the tropical flavors of the multicultural region.

A full-service boutique caterer, So Divine Catering services Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura counties and the surrounding areas. Kemp's cooking style infuses Miami's bold flavors with California's farmer's market-driven cuisine as well as Mediterranean flavors and Asian influences. She likes to have a hand in every part of the business, from quality control of the food to ambiance, presentation, and service.

"Our mission is to dedicate personal attention to each client while passionately creating an innovative approach to world fusion cuisine," Kemp said. "As the executive chef, I offer lots of flavor using herbs, spices and fresh seasonal ingredients as well as love to add color by using produce and edible flowers."

Kemp wants to give her customers a chance to taste all the divine flavors of the world, done to perfection and presented in exquisite form and color. Everyone eats with their eyes first, smell second, and taste third. Kemp factors this into every one of her dishes, creating works of art that are also a delight for the senses. One of her personal favorites is the grilled lamb chops with couscous and cranberry chutney. The bold flavor of the lamb blends well with the sweet and tart chutney and the fluffy texture of the couscous, for instance.

A sample menu on their site reveals a sumptuous display of options: sumac and sea salt crusted fillet of beef with bourbon butter and sweet potato puree; cauliflower steaks with mushroom farro and drunken Swiss chard; and the ginger and garlic-infused turkey with tamarind scented cranberry chutney.

Based entirely on a customer's preference and budget, Kemp can create an extravagant or simple menu and anything in between. With her years of culinary expertise and hands-on experience working for myriad of caterers and restaurants, she has acquired an incredible cache of know-how and time-tested recipes.

"Our service stands out because we genuinely care about serving each client," Kemp said. "Whatever we can do within our means to ensure our clients are well taken care of, can enjoy their event without lifting a finger and [are] happy during and after their event, we will do."

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